Can you Lose weight from Tea?

  1. So I was a huge coffee drinker. I live in Miami so I was drinking Coladas a lot (straight expresso with lots and lots of sugar). Some days I would have whole Coladas (about 3 shots) by myself.

    In attempts to curb this bad habit I quit coffee and starting drinking tea twice a day. I still put sugar into the tea (about 2 tsp). I haven't changed my work-out habit at all during this time.

    So two weeks later I'm about 5lbs lighter! Is this all because of the tea? It can't be my sugar intake since technically I'm drinking more sugar in my tea (4 tsp as opposed to 2 tsp in a Colada).

    My friend told me it's from the this true?:shrugs:
  2. caffeine can make you retain water- it could be that the tea has none/significantly less caffeine than the espresso (depending on what kind of tea you're drinking) so you lost some watrer weight?
  3. i agree with ilovechoo.

    and in general, its not too good to consume sooo much sugar. try limiting that just a bit a little at a time. instead, try to add milk to the tea because it lightens that bitter tang it may have.
  4. green tea and oolong tea supposedly help speed up your metabolism. I put a little honey in my tea to sweeten it. better than sugar. also I've read to avoid putting cream in your tea as it tends to lessen its benefits somehow. I'll have to find that article again...
  5. I live on green tea all year round - I hear it's healthy but haven't noticed any difference maybe because I've been doing it for so many years now.
  6. I don't believe its the tea speeding up your metabolism but something else is going on. Loosing weight is never that simple! May be the tea is curbing your appetite so you are eating less??
  7. Yes, I've heard tea to help u loose weight.

    It's hot--helps melt away oils & fats,

    I know someone who drinks 2 or 3 cups a day with LEMON squeezed in it. She has lost about 20 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They also have this "DIETERS" tea avail at Oriental markets...I have been on and off of that tea for years and it does help you poop! lol
  8. Hot? Hmmm.. I drink my tea warm - room temp. because I make a jug and then mix half with cold water (it's crazy yeah but I do it anyway) :shrugs:

  9. I like warm/cold tea too! ;)

    But yes, hot to where you have to blow to cool it down a bit! :p
  10. i drink like 4 to 5 cups of green tea while at work...keeps me awake and i do notice when i drink it and work out that i am losing weight. also its very good for you its full of antioxidants
  11. i just recently started drinking green tea, or tea in general this past year. while i haven't lost any wieght i haven't gained either.

    i just drink tea daily because i like the taste, it has 0 cal (any tea w/o any extras like honey has 0 cal) and it replaces things like juice, chocolate milk...SODA which has cals and sugar.

    i still drink juice occasionally but no more soda for me!

    that way i get to indulge in my sweet tooth with chocolate and my love for fried food even more.

    it's all about balance. i don't have mayo on my sandwich and it's grilled chicken with avocado, lettace, tomato and onions. that's it. but in return i get a few fries on the side

    however, if you drink tea only and eat healthy i'm sure you'd lose the wieght
  12. On Oprah they said Oolong tea helps you lose weight. I've heard green tea revs up your metabolism as well. Have tried it but wasn't consistent so didn't notice weight loss. Might give it a go!

    Congrats on the 5lbs weight loss lordginny! I have a stubborn 5kgs to lose!
  13. Yes. If you take a five pound package of tea in each hand, and holding tightly to the tea, run, jog or even walk for several minutes every day, this will help you lose weight.
  14. OK, here is what I have heard from a nutritionist . . . green tea can provide a gentle boost to your metabolism, but if you are just drinking regular tea my best guess is the decrease in caffeine intake from espressos to tea. Caffeine is a stimulant and your body reads it as a "stressor" and in certain people this translates into increased production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol affects the body's "fight or flight" responses: the body tends to conserve calories in times of stress, and also will store a higher percentage of calories as fat instead of burning them off. (Supposedly we are still biologically programmed from caveman times). Why doesn't caffeine affect everybody this way? who knows, probably the same reason my best friend can eat really crappy and still wear a size 6 w/out any exercise! Hope that was remotely of use, and congrats on the weight loss!!! :yes: