Can you ladies help me?

  1. So I sold 2 of my MJs. One being a Stone Pocket Satchel. I described it as light brown/beige in the listing. I think my pics represented the color perfectly. The buyer emails me today and wants to know if I mailed her the wrong bag because it's not the same color as the pics. I don't know what to do now. I told her that I my pics represented the color perfectly and that I can't account for variances between monitors. I'm waiting on her response. I hope this doesn't turn into a big deal.

    I'll remove this if needed. I hope talking about this doesn't violate TOS.
  2. Oh no! Do you think she has buyer's remorse? If you think she is going to be a pain in the rear maybe you could offer to take the bag back less a "restocking fee". Good luck!
  3. Whew! Ok after a few emails she is ok with the bag. I'm so glad that worked out ok. Thanks for your support Melly :smile:
  4. Thank goodness merriane that it worked out! Stone pocket satchels are gorgeous, I can't believe I missed your auction.
  5. yay!! glad it all worked out for you merraine!:yahoo:
  6. I was bidding on that bag!
    I love it & the color!
    (your buyer must be wacky!!!)
  7. I'm so happy it worked out for you!
  8. I'm so happy your buyer came to her senses!!!! :smile:
  9. Lol! There were a couple tpfers bidding on my bags :smile:
  10. AWWWWW! Thanks for all the kind words gals!