can you identify this chanel please

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    hi, i absoloutly love this bag. could anyone tell me what its called and how much it retails for?also if it is hard to come by or not. thanks

    the pictures dont seem to be showing. it is a bag worn recently by coleen mcloughlin. It is a huge black patent chanel with the logo large on the front. large flap. not structured in shape with gold chain long handle. the sides of the bag are quilted but the front flap is not.
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    Is this the one? Sorry I don't know the name of it, but maybe someone else will know now that a pic is posted.
  3. ? Rock and chain......
  4. I saw that bag in the Neiman Marcus in White Plains, NY at The Westchester Mall recently. They might still have it.

    Sorry to burst your burst your bubble, but I saw it in real life and I HATED it! It is made of vinyl, and it looked like a garbage bag. My DH thought it looked like a cheap garbage bag too.
  5. It is called "the Rock". It is a bag from a previous season but is still on the shelves at NM. Yes, it is made of shiny black vinyl material like the coco cabas from last year.
  6. this one i found on eBay with BIN for 1999


  7. thats it. i absoloutly love it! i know its not an investment as my fondness of it will probably die with age but as im only 21 it really fits in with my current style. i live in the uk. should have got it wen i was in new york in december!! do you think itl still be around and easily accessible come december?
  8. hi again ive seen another bag very similar to this one on bagborrowsteal. its calles a larg patent flap and looks very similar to the rock except its a little more structured in shape. do you know the difference in price and availability of this? thanks
  9. its called the chanel patent flap SATCHEL pictures -
    chanel patent flap satchel.jpg
  10. I find these bags very useful in bad weather and still stay stylish :smile: