Can you identify this Balenciaga? Year? Style?

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  1. holy smokes is that a flat brass first??
  2. The folks seemed to think it was so I snagged it! But no one was really sure.

    I've found that the consignment/resale shop folks don't really know too much about the handbag market. How much do you think it's worth??
  3. CONGRATS!! That is an amazing deal you got:yahoo::nuts:!! That is a FBF and looks to be in great condition! Congrats. These bags can sell for well over 1,200 and if you post it in the Balenciaga board you will get tons more info from the experts there.
  4. it depends on the condition but the balenciaga ladies will know better. congrats!

    I just snagged it because the folks seemed to think it was real but I had never heard of it. Do you know what year it would be ?

    I called the store and they didn't have much info only that it wasn't the "big balenciaga" which I'm assuming is the City or Work bag.

    What is the market value for it? Any info is very much appreciated!
  6. the size is called "the first" and the style is typically referred to as "flat brass" because the hardware is, well, flat brass. it is an oldie, 2001 or 2002 i believe? if you search "flat brass" you will find a lot of information.
  7. Wow! When you get it, post pics to verify authenticity. If it's real, you got a GREAT deal! Older bbags are very much prized and wanted.
  8. Thank you all very much for sharing your expertise. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is authentic, I will follow up with pictures when I receive the bag.
  9. Congrats, benzgirl!!! What a steal!!! Do post pics when you get her!!
  10. Oh how exciting! That is a wonderful find. Please post pics when you get her! Definitely be sure to authenticate this first!
  11. Oh my!
    That is totally one of the biggest bargain of the year! :biggrin:
    Really hope it's authentic and please post pics!
  12. Hello everyone!! My bag came today and from what I have read and seen on this forum, she is looking and feeling very authentic.

    However, I'm confused about the seasons? I think she is a 2002-2003?

    The tag is all leather with "Balenciaga" embossed on the front and the serial underneath the tag is: 100667-213048

    There is no mirror and the leather isn't exactly buttery soft but it is very supple and in great condition. As soon as I can figure out how to take close up pics with my digital camera I will post pictures.

    I do love the bag but I really wanted the size of a city bag,although I know it's not as special so I will probably sell her. I haven't decided yet.