Can you identify this Bag?!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. the first three photos are not working for me. maybe you can repost them so that someone can identify the bag for you.
  3. Try resizing and attaching?
  4. everyone needs top please use our attachments tools, otherwise the pics are not guaranteed to show up or even last.
  5. oops, i'm really sorry about that. here are the photos:

  6. this new or vintage?
  7. vintage as in used?
    it's a new bag, never used. i don't know the date on it. the white color aged a bit, i think chanel gives you the option to dye the color right?
  8. If you tell us the hologram #, it'll indicate the date.
  9. ooh ok, here it is

  10. is this the hologram? because i looked up the meanings for the chanel hologram and it doesn't match the number. i hope this isn't another fake bag i'm coming across :s