Can you identify this bag?

  1. I saw this picture in the chanel reference section and instantly fell in love with this bag, can anybody let me know what the name of it and maybe price. OMG I love this bag, HELP!!!
  2. Anybody:sad::sad::sad::sad:
  3. Where in the Chanel Reference library did you find this?

    (Looks like a great bag btw!)
  4. oh I found it in "celebrities are wearing" section
  5. I've never seen a CC bag like this. LIke a reporter mixed with a flap?

  6. Sorry, you asked in the VERY early morning for a lot of us here in the US. . .

    edit: no, I was wrong. . . who posted it?, you should PM them, although I'm sure someone knows!
  7. This is a new bag. I don't know what it's called. It also has long pocket on the back.
    423910243111_0_BG.jpg 475030243111_0_BG.jpg
  8. Id like to know the style name too..Its ADORABLE!
  9. Is it some sort of new camera bag????:confused1:
  10. I saw this bag earlier this year in NM. I wasn't too interested in this bag so I didn't look at the price. Sorry...guess I wasn't of any help huh?
  11. I would love to find the name of this...any suggestions?
  12. It's called the "Round Pocket" and the pockets are detachable. Retail is $2595
  13. My SA from Saks gave me a book with all the Pre-Fall bags with the style number and pictures, but I could not find any info.

  14. thank you so all are the best!:tup:
  15. One more you know what the leather is?