Can you identify the box leather Christie Brinkley is wearing in the photo?

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  1. Hi,

    Can someone tell me if they are still making this leather for the Kelly bag that christie brinkley is wearing? I know this is box. But it is the shiny box leather?

    I no longer see it . The box is very flat and dull looking. Is this particular leather being made and what is it exactly called. As you can see, it's very shiny. And this is what I remember the older box Kelly's looking like.

    Christie Brinkley Hermes Kelly Bag[​IMG]
  2. could it be that her kelly has developed a patina?
  3. ^ stunning bag for a stunning lady.
  4. I don't know, but that is what I am looking for.

    The vintage ones have sooooo much class... and she looks absolutely perfect with it on her arm!
  5. I believe her bag is pretty new? Box calf has a beautiful sheen. It is not flat or dull looking. If you look at the belt straps the black straps are often box and pretty shiny,smooth and glossy.
  6. The picture might have been heavily photoshopped , makes it is difficult to tell
  7. It looks just like the Black Box Kelly I saw last month at Hermes. Very glossy. I don't think the photo is re touched?
  8. My box kelly from 2007 has a sheen to it, although not like patent leather; definitely not flat or dull. Not as shiny as the one Christie Brinkley is carrying, though.
  9. Ken, I think faces and bodies are retouched in magazines, not bags. :greengrin: Although I can understand why a TPFer would think it's done! We see what others don't LOL!
  10. I think the closest H look to patent leather is shiny black croc(excepting the patent bags in the H windows). Christie's is not that shiny.
    It is definitely box.
  11. Precisely, I was trying to find HER wrinkles, which most likely erased by the photographer (or more likely: her surgeon)

    The now wrinkle-free porosus Kelly might have suffered similar fate

  12. I know Hermes well. And that's the way I remember the older Kelly bags of 20-30 years ago. Some had a high sheen. The ones I see today are awful in NYC. If you'll notice Catherine Deneuve also wears the same type of bags. The new ones I see are definitely not the bags of 20-30 years ago. The leather is different. I will call and ask Hermes.
  13. I'm pretty sure there was a thread discussing the difference between newer boxcalf and vintage boxcalf; obviously there was a big difference in the feel and weight of new vs old. I don't think it's reasonable to expect leather today to be exactly the same as leather 20 years ago; one can only hope that the new skins will have their own positive characteristics (i.e. not as shiny but maybe doesn't show scratches as badly?). Time will only tell if the newer skins age as well as the older beautiful boxcalf.

    Ken-doll :roflmfao: I was thinking she looked awfully smooth! I can only aspire to be that wrinkle free at her age.
  14. I think she and her bag have had some collagen shots which are causing her and the bag to look a little shiny:smile: She probably has had the bag a long time. She has been very successful for a long time.
  15. ^ hi gk!!! Big wave to you. Re: kellys age. I think I spy the 'v' next to the handle, meaning this bag is post-2002. Looks to me this might not be that vintage. I think, however, that this is the older box (not the new new box, but not the thinner, 'old' box either) and patina very nicely. It might also just came back from spa, hence the high shine.

    Just a guess though... :shrug: