Can you identify that color?

  1. Does anyone know/can anyone venture a guess on the color birkin that CBK is carrying in this picture, that I found on the Stars and Hermes thread. I love it .:love: and since I am now in search of a neutral, I am looking around to get ideas.. while we're at it, anyone know the leather?

    ImageShack - Hosting :: 01129md.jpg
  2. Looks like gold to me, I've seen her with this bag in other pictures. Gold often photographs much lighter than it is IRL.
  3. In my computer, it looks either gold or natural sable in fjord ...

    Okay, after a closer look maybe more gold.
  4. To me it's too light to be Gold... most likely Vache Naturelle which is the prettiest! like tan almost between a light tan and a buttery yellow.
  5. I think it is gold
  6. I'm with greentea...I've seen other pics with this bag....I reckon gold, too.
  7. looks like it's a gold...
  8. Why does she look like she is carrying a ton of bricks, and leaning one side to compensate for the weight?

    Would you load your beloved Birkin to the brim like this?
  9. ^ you're so funny, mrs s ........she DOES look like she's carrying a load!
  10. I'm taking a stab in the dark with this one, the picture is kind of grainy, but I'd say natural sable in chamonix or vache natural.
  11. I vote for gold.:flowers:
  12. Hmm, now I'm confused about the vache naturelle. . I thought it was a type of leather? Or is it a leather that only comes in its natural color, "Naturelle"? Does Vache Naturelle come in any other colors?

    Anyway, BS and HG, I agree with your thoughts, in that the bag seems to light-colored to be gold? Gold just seems much more "tan" than this bag. . ..hmmm :confused1: