Can you ID this Chanel?

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Dec 27, 2007
This bag was originally a gift from my father for Christmas either 1991 or 1992. He told me he purchased it at duty free on his way back from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He had no reason to lie, and I can't imagine a fake Chanel this good in duty free, no less, back in 1991. So I ave always assumed this bag is authentic. The leather is soft and wonderful even after all these years and the hardware has stood up to time. Sadly, back then I didn't know much of anything so the lining isn't in the greatest shape anymore but I reconditioned the leather and she looks pretty good. It used to have numbers on the back of the leather tag but the goldleaf they were written in has worn away after all these years. What else do I know? The bag zips across the top, has a tassle on the zipper, and the zipper pull is marked YKK. The inside pocket zips and used to have a tassle, but it is no longer around. Did I mention I didn't baby her like I should have for a long time :crybaby:

Anyhow, I don't know a damn thing about Chanel, so I submit this info and pics to the experts. Anything you might know about this bag/style would be appreciated. Also any advise on making her look pretty again would be nice :smile:

Apologize for the pics, my digital is dead so these are camera phone.............


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Mar 28, 2006
:sad:I'm sorry but this bag is not authentic CHANEL. The picture of the tag is a dead give away.:Push:

ETA: Also, YKK zippers are only used by CHANEL on colored (not black) seasonal bags and only recently. If the zipper is YKK then the bag is definitely not authentic.
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