Can you ID this bag?

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  1. I feel kind of dumb even asking this since I don't have a picture but I was out today and this girl had a super cute purse. At first I thought it was a juicy bag but then I realzied that the letters on it were all kinds of letters, not just the letters in the word Juicy.

    It was a hand bag that had huge letters all over it. They were big, about 4 inches big and navy blue.

    I know this probably sounds ridiculous but I really want to know what kind of purse this. I know I should have just asked her, I regret that I didn't...:Push:

    Arrggh. Does this sound familar to anyone?
  2. What of material(s) was the bag made of? About how big was it?
  3. it looked shiny so maybe nylon.

    it was a hobo i believe.

    small handles but big enough that she had it on her shoulder.

    i think it was actally white with blue letters.

    it wasn't a tiny purse but not very big, just about average.

    im so upset that i didnt just ask her, i dont know what i was thinking.

    i have searched everywhere i dont know why i haven't found it.

    im assuming it is new just from my judgement of the girl. she seemed up to date and had good taste.
  4. I saw MBMJ bracelet with it all in letter spelled out. They had it in blue. I think it was at Neimans online
  5. I thought maybe she put the bracelet on the bag or MBMJ has bags with it
  6. i saw a bag by MBMJ that looked similar but it wasnt it. plus, i know for sure that two of the letters on this big was JU so it has to be something with those two letters.

    its had sooo many random letters on the whole bag, the JU are the only two i remember and they were right next to each other.

    thank you for your help.