Can you ID this bag for me?

  1. Hello,
    Can anyone tell me who the designer is, and what handbag this is as seen worn by Mandy Moore and Kelly Ripa?
    10331 (2).jpg
  2. looks like a coach.
  3. Yes- isn't it a Coach Legacy?
  4. Yes... one of the first coach Legacy bags. mandy was a noted celeb seen toting this bag around.. it retails for like 700 or 800.. a lot of Coach fans were dumbfounded by the price.. but then again.. this was like.. 2 or so years ago, I believe.
  5. Thanks so much! Any idea where I could get one of thes bags?
    I think this forum is wonderful for us handbag lovers! I'll be sure to check in often. There is a wealth of information here!
    Thanks again,