Can you ID this bag (Courtney Cox flap)?

  1. I believe it is a jumbo hybrid flap (madmoiselle lock) in distressed calfskin (?) with the bijoux chain. I believe they were from last year. There are some bags in the reference library.
  2. Thanks! :smile: Looking in the library now... Do you think it would be hard to find one?
  3. I saw a similar bag (in brown) semi recently at Neiman Marcus. I'm not sure if they are still in stores as I've not really been looking but if it's out there, I'm sure a nice SA will be able to track one down. I know that personalshoppers (eBay) has a brown one with the classic chain up for sale for what it's worth.
  4. Hmmm, I think black is more my thing. :sad: Just one more question, do you think the leather is distressed or washed or just regular caviar? I love the way she wears it with casual clothes.
    THANK YOU! :tup:
  5. i just purchased one at south coast plaza:yes:
  6. It's distressed, looks quite grey IRL. I love it! I got mine from Steph (handbags dept) at NM San Antonio.
  7. You girls are soooo lucky! What a great bag! So is the leather distressed caviar??? or calfskin??? Did you see any more? Please post pics!
  8. [​IMG]

    Here ya go! I had these pics saved on my computer for a while (these are not my bags hehe).
  9. LOL. I recognise the pictures! One of them is mine..Thanks Missisa!

    ahbitoblin, its distressed caviar..
  10. Yum. Thanks! I love how it looks grey then black in different lights. I hope I can find one! Why do they torture us this way?!?
  11. ^Sent you a PM!
  12. Could someone please post the model #? I called SCP today with the # I have and they said it's not the right one? TIA!
  13. lovely bag....i saw one on eBay which is red in med/large size i think........:smile:
  14. 07A A35312Y04271