Can you ID these CL's please?

  1. I'm sure this is a super dupey easy question for you CL girls but sadly I am a CL virgin although I can't wait for the day I get my hands on that shiney red sole :love:

    Can you please tell me everything you know about Victoria Beckhams CL's that she was wearing in Paris the other day I'll attatch a pic.

    Does anyone have them? Are they comfy? Do you know how much the cost? And how true do they run to size? Are they easily available (ie not ltd or disc)

    I looked on the CL website but couldn't see them although I did find another pair which are gorgeous No Prive Mulitcolour Glitter with gold patent calf heel 120mm :love: please tell me about these too? Very willing to be enabled here.

    VB Cl's.jpg
  2. Those are the very prives with red tip. I can't tell from that pic though if they are black patent or black leather. Regardless, the very prive is one of the most comfy styles period IMO. And, to boot they are 120 mm! Neiman Marcus online still has the black patent ones available in a 40.5 I believe and I think other NM stores, like San Fran, etc have them too. I have them in black patent w/ a pewter tip personally and they are hot! Good luck in your search. :smile:
  3. [​IMG]very prive, $770 at
  4. Oh, and I'm a US 9 and I take a 40 in the very prive style, but some only need to size up 1/2 size, while others have to size up 1-1 1/2 sizes. It is best to go to the store and try them on in person. I have normal width feet by the way. And, retail on them is $770.
  5. thank you so much for your quick replies
  6. i have those shoes-bought from NM as well. the most comfortable high heels in the world!
  7. Label - that specific Very Prive style (looks like kidskin leather with bright red tip) is currently available at Saks in NYC. I just saw them a few days ago.
    The ones posted on have a burgundy tip, which is also nice but not as bright. As mentioned above, these are very comfortable shoes because of the covered platform. Good luck!
  8. I saw another picture of V. Beckham and those shoes are definitely the Very Prive in black kidskin leather, not patent. They are available at Saks Fifth Avenue and I saw them in Las Vegas and San Francisco.
  9. Thanks for all the locations but sadly I'm in the UK I had a look online there is a site called mytheresa which is listed on the CL website as an online retailer they have them in stock but I think I'll wait until I can actually go to a store to try them in person