Can you help with bag suggestions?


Oct 19, 2014
First off, I would like to give a big thanks to my fellow TPF's, you've been a big help in the past and you're always a great wealth of information. I hope you can help me again.

For years I have coveted the Givenchy Antigona. For one reason or another it's been well out of reach. Fast forward to today, after a rocky year, my husband has offered to buy me the bag! It's a huge amount of money for us and it could well go towards other things but he knows how much I love it and has offered to buy it. I was able to find a new bag for $2800 Canadian (its probably $2200 USD).

In the years since Antigona and I were first introduced, my lifestyle has changed.
The biggest difference being I have three kids under three. Pre-kids I would have bought the bag in a heartbeat but with three kids and often picking up and putting them down, the bag is too big and too heavy for my lifestyle. It would most likely sit in my closet and that is the one thing I don't want...otherwise what's the point?

Looking for other designer bags that can fit my lifestyle and still look beautiful, I have fallen in love with the YSL College bag in size large. Only problem is that it's well over my budget.

Are there any bags that you can think of that have the look and feel of the YSL bag but are within budget? I love the Chevron look. The closest I have found is the PS1 bag in medium but I don't quite love it. I find it too dressed down in comparison to the YSL bag. Any help you can give is so very much appreciated!

Thank you!


Jul 31, 2009
I have seen YSL at off 5th and they have an outlet that is an hour away from my house. You might be able to call around for your bag and have them charge send it to you. Also, sometimes neimans has ysl on sale. It's been my experience that substitute styles aren't the same as the real thing. However, I think you might find the similar chevron design from Rebecca Minkoff.


Oct 8, 2011
Have you considered the Antigona mini? It has a nice long shoulder strap that could be a crossbody in a pinch. Looks roomy too in a way that flap bags aren't.

Rebecca Minkoff does produce a chevron design for its jumbo Love crossbodies so that can be an affordable way to enjoy the look while you save for the YSL college,


May 3, 2015
A black Mulberry Alexa?
The polished buffalfo leather is sturdy and the bag looks classy with gold hardware to me.
Plus, they are on sale until Sunday!
Good luck deciding!
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