Can you help with a "selling on ebay" question?

  1. I do not really know that much about ebay, not like you guys do. I am going to be listing the Bronze Vernis Bedford that I bought from a fellow PF'r. Sadly, I just won't use it the way I thought I would. (Plus I've got my eye on a white MC wallet ;) ) My question is, to those of you who have sold things on ebay before, what kind of fees are involved in selling something? I mean, average, 10, 20, 30, dollars per item, something like that? Also, I am a little weary to put my bank account information on there and it said to become confirmed you have to put your bank account info. I don't know about that. Anybody have bad experience with that? Well, thanks for any info guys, I'm just confused about it!
  2. I've sold a bunch of stuff on ebay.

    There are listing fees. Depending on the what type of auction (or BIN) there's a fee. If you want to add more pictures (using their webspace) you get one free. Gallery picture, miniature version of the item for sale in the search. And other small stuff like templates, bold, italics, and other stuff to supposably "boost your sales."

    Then there's a end of auction fee which depends on how much your item ends at before shipping. I think it's approx 3% though. Doesn't seem like a lot, but since you're selling a Bedford (runs for about $550-700) that's like at least $20.

    If they pay with an e-check then there are less fees involved. If they're paying with a credit card then theres a higher fee involved when it comes to paypal. Only drawback is that e-checks take a bit longer to clear. Credit card percent taken out is approx 3.4%

    Hope this helps. I'm not too sure of the fees & percentages but this should sum it up.
  3. I can only relate my sale this week - I sold an IF bag and instead of auction, I sold it as a "Buy it Now" with best offer options - This worked out far better than regular auction sale (for me) The fee came out to $18.00. I am a Paypal member and I highly recommend it - I only deal with paypal members - It's very safe to belong and you can buy and sell with no sweat. I was asking $520.00 as a BIN price and got an offer of $480.00 (buyer pays delivery fee) so I was very satisfied with the transaction.