Can you help out my mom? She can't decide between two GST colors! Help please :)

  1. She asked if I could take photos of her wearing the two different colored GST's and post it on here :smile:. She can't decide. She got the black with silver hw and the new wine maroon color with silver hw.

    It's hard to tell from the photos but the new maroon color is a deep wine color. Very very beautiful and it's brand new for fall. Black is well ya know same ol black hehe.

    What do you think? :smile:


  2. i like the maroon one! so pretty! black, like u said, is the same old, same old.
  3. I like the maroon.
  4. Maroon is more unique
  5. Maroon! It's Different...
  6. yup, i like the maroon better
  7. I love the bordeaux, BUT if given a choice I'd pick black. Tad bit easier to match.
  8. I'd go for the black! Maroon is pretty, but Black is easier to match like Missisa already mentioned.
  9. Both are lovely, but i prefer black-- its definitely an easier colour to match!
  10. Maroon is gorgeous but I know I'd go for black every time because it is more versatile and I'd want to wear this bag as often as possible!
  11. If she has other black Chanel bags, go for the bordeaux, or both!
  12. I love the Bordeaux but I wouldn't wear it enough due to matching so I would get black.
  13. Tell her to keep both because both are gorgeous! Much like others have said, if she has other black purses, go with the Bordeaux!
  14. black...
  15. I think the marron is really pretty