Can you help my daughter with a school project?

  1. Dear TPF Friends,

    First of all happy valentines day to all of you. May you all be showered with little brown boxes!!

    I need your help please. My daughter is doing a project on Japan, and since she and I, are madly in love with LV, she would like to include something about LV Murakami. She'll be making some posters but also a powerpoint presentation.

    Can any of you help us with Murakami LV backgrounds, wallpaper, stuff to print out? Any other ideas and suggestions would also be appreciated.

    Thank you!!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  2. happy valentines!

    I don't think it'll have lv stuff but look on murakami's website I think it's called kaikaikiki

    also check out the moca website that's definitely lv & murakami although some pieces maybe not be age appropriate for children (you look first)
  3. Thank you Claire!:flowers: I'll check it out before she's back from school :yes:
  4. One of our members Telfhel I think (sorry if I got it wrong) just made us some gorgeous Cherry Blossom wallpapers, search the forum. PM her and I am sure she will share with you. I have them as my background on my computer she did an excellent job!
  5. Great! Thank you!
  6. I posted some spy pics from my MOCA visit in the LV Reference Thread under "LV Random Pics" ... and I bet there'll be some good ones there too that might be helpful to your daughter!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you as well!
  7. Hi, as Coachfanatic and Luv2BuyBags said, I made 3 Cherry Blossom wallpapers and 1 Cerises one - all Murakami! They're kinda scattered throughout the thread so to save you reading through it I'll include them here:

    I hope you and your daughter like them! (And I hope they all work!)

  8. THANK YOU!!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  9. How weird, I had no idea!
    I'll attach a few pics you might like.

    Some are attached here and in the next post.
    pandaonion.jpg mrpointy&guards.jpg mrdob.jpg kiki.jpg kaikai.jpg