Can you help me?

  1. Here in The Netherlands every high school senior needs to write a paper about a subject of their choice. I chose the Titanic. Now I need some people to fill in a little questionaire for me. It will really help me if you guys answer my questions and Pm the answers to me. Thank you soooo much :tup:

  2. Yeah I know but I need people to fill this in to compare who know most. What country/age group etc. But thank you though :smile:
  3. Oh I misunderstood, I apologize.
  4. Speedy
    1)The Titanic was a cruise ship owned by the White Star Line of Liverpool England.
    2) Several reasons. It was, in it's time, the grandest ship on the seas, made a new way as to be deemed unsinkable, and the loss of life was unexpected because of the media touting it's abilities.
    3) Captain Edward John Smith.
    4) Because of the way the watertight doors and walls below decks were made.
    5) I have no clue. She's gotta be olddddd though.
    6) The Carpathia. The Californian also helped, but was late arriving when the first ship started picking up passengers.
    7) The Olympia and the... Brittania I think.
  5. Thank you Speedy :smile: