Can you help me with a couple Chanels?

  1. Come on ladies..
  2. The cambon one. Are you getting it from ebay?
  3. The cambon for sure.
  4. cambon, but I've heard the pink are for sale. maybe you should try looking for it before getting it from ebay
  5. I like the Cambon. They are definitely still available on sale in stores.
  6. I've called a couple boutiques and they didn't have this bag, yes I might get this one from ebay, why????
  7. Platinum, I saw the pink cambon tote @ the Ala Moana boutique yesterday. They might still have it. It's worth a try before you put a bid on ebay. Ask for Gareth. He's such a sweetie.
    808-942-5555. Good luck.
  8. Call a few more Saks before you get that one, but if I had to pick between the two, I like the cambon better.
  9. I had recently bought the same bag at Neimans last call, but a different color and it was marked down to a little over $400.00. If interested in that bag, I would also check at the stores first.
  10. Between the two, I like the cambon better.
  11. Cambon!
  12. hmmm, the cambon is a little more stylish
  13. Cambon!
  14. definitely cambon