Can you help me name these bags

  1. Hey everyone,
    Im trying to name these bags for my blog If any one of them know their names, please let me know! Thank you!
    #1 is by Marc Jacob
    #2 is by Marc Jacob
    #3 is by Fendi
    #4 is by Fendi
    #5 is by Dolce and Gabana
    #6 is by Fendi
    #7 is by Chanel
    #8 is by Marc Jacob

    I dont really need the name of the color, but more the name of the style. And if you're wondering why I dont know the names of "my own bags", it's because they are my friend's. Im putting all these bags on my blog to show them off, and even she doesnt remember all their names. Well anyway I appreciate the help! Thanx!
  2. Help anyone?
  3. should try going to the Designer bag forum on this site. The Marc Jacobs forum has pics and names and even years in which they came out. Fendi forum people will most likely know the names of those, and the Chanel people will definitely know what they are looking at.

    This forum is for general bags...the ones that usually do not fall under designer. That's why most of us do not know what to tell you! Good Luck!
  4. Yes the designer forums have been helpful. Thank you!
  5. You probably already found out on the MJ forum but I think the first is a quilted Sophia and I think the second is a sweet punk debbie.
  6. I was told that #1 is the Hobo Punk, #2 is the Baguette, #3 is the Chef, #5 is the Vanity, and #7 is the MBMJ :yahoo:
  7. I was wrong about the quilted sophia.. I mean stella. I don't know why I confused them!