Can you help me find this?

  1. Hello all you wonderful MJ ladies! Im new to MJ, but my friend got this great tote in Vegas this past weekend and I was wondering if someone could help me find one. I have seen them on eBay and they are going for more than what they are, so theres no point in spending the extra money since I know they are obviously still out is the picture. Thank you all!!

  2. Those totes are being sold at the Marc by Marc Jacobs stores (can't remember the price, sorry, I think it's around $50-100). Last time I was there (2 weeks ago) they had a ton.
    If you can't make it to a store, you can always call them and they'll ship one to you... shipping is $20 I think?
  3. ^^Ditto on what girliceclimber said. I've ordered special items from the MbMJ stores before too and they're great. I looked up this tote on the MJ site and they list 2 sizes. The small costs $58 and the larger one costs $68. You should check out the site to see all the great colors they come in. :yes:
  4. i went on and when i look under marc by marc jacobs i cant find it no matter what section i look in....can someone help me find it?
  5. oh nevermind. i found it...thank you for all your help!
  6. These are so cute! The sizes are not listed on the MJ site; just small and medium. Does anyone know the measurements of the two sizes?
    I love the copper!