Can you help me find this purse?

  1. Hello,

    My stepdaughter wanted a purse for Christmas, I cannot remember the designer but it came in a giraffe print and from what I understand only one designer makes that print. Does anyone happen to know about this purse? It was around $500. If so, is there anywhere to get it for less $?

    I was also wondering if anyone knew of the website where people can trade purses or rent or borrow them or something like that? I heard of it was like you can trade with people...?

    Thanks for your help!!:smile:
  2. There is where you 'rent' bags.
  3. Yea, I think its the Dooney as well. You can check out eBay as they have alot of cheaper Dooney.
  4. Exactly what I was thinking! A friend of mine got one for Xmas & it's very nice!
  5. yes.. dooney & burke probably the one that you're looking for.. good luck!
  6. Agree with what everyone has said. Just wanted to say I like you name - too cute!
  7. Thanks lawgirl07:smile:

    Yup, you all were right it is the Dooney she's looking for! She just sat down w/me and we checked out eBay and the bagborroworsteal sites and it looks like she's gonna be hooked on the latter. She's 21 and doesn't quite have the budget yet for all the purses she desires so that will be perfect.

    Thank you all for your help!!!

  8. Just be careful of fakes if you decide on eBay. The authenticate threads (in the designer specific forums and in 'bags bags bags' for designers that don't have their own subforum) can help out with that. and a belated welcome to you! :flowers: