Can you help me find this bag?

  1. While perusing the closet of that great enabler, Grechen, I came across the Bryna Nicole Loyola in plum. As luck would have it, the bag was on sale and sold out.

    Can anyone tell me where I can find this lovely item?


  2. Thanks, Grechen. You're a dear. And you have saved me lots of money, but caused me to spend it, too. Hmmmm.

    I emailed Bryna Nicole, just in case they can help. The plum is so amazing.
  3. that is my curse lol! it's definitely a double-edged sword.

    good luck finding the bag, the plum is very pretty.
  4. I think both colors are great, I love the mix of leathers.
  5. I looked everywhere and I can't find it. The main site lists stores that carry it. I guess if you want to try you could call and see if they have it. Good luck.
  6. Earlier this year, when I was looking for this bag, I called Bryna Nicole with no luck. I guess they re-released it, as it is now hot because of Gossip Girl. I still think it's pretty. :smile: