can you help me find these bags

  1. As i can never seem to find these particular pics on the net . I don't own any of these bags of present i am saving up for one of them. I know that this maybe alot to ask but if any of you have purchased the bag/or have an orginal pic can you post a pic for me to see? At least i can dream about it while i am saving my hard earned cash for the next 2 months lol i need motivation:yahoo: .

    Gucci Blondie boston tote bag and also the official price.

    Brown Gucci shopper also the official price

    Gucci medium Boston bag (with red/blue stripe) and official price

    please include measurements for each bag ta.
  2. anyone:shrugs: ?
  3. Have you search from the official website? Am sure that they do have measurement for the bag...