can you help me find the bag i saw?

  1. i saw a chanel bag in NM catalog that was so cute but now i can't find the catalog and don't have any idea what the bag would be called. i'll attempt to describe the bag.

    surprisingly the price listed on the catalog was only $750 or around that (i had to do a double take cuz i didn't know they had that price range bags) and it has the signature chain straps (i want to say two but could be just one) and it's a rectangle with the chanel log on it.

    anyone know the name and info like when it came out and if it's still available? i'm going to go to NM to check it out this weekend but i thought i'd ask you experts first. :yes:
  2. Have you tried doing a search? I think stuff from the catologs are just have to try and find it lol
  3. yeah i've been looking all around here but can't seem to find it. worse case i guess i just have to wait until this weekend...
  4. i am faily new to Chanel myself...but the first thing that comes to mind is the mini flap? That would be the only thing in that price range (i think, not positive)
  5. I looked in the reference library, and the only thing that was in there was a silver goatskin handbag for $950 that was in the NM Bright Ideas Catalog, posted by Maxter.. Maybe it's something similar to this? Hope you find it!!

  6. it's cotton club pouchette!!

    i still haven't seen it IRL but at least now i know the name! oh and i was wrong about the price it's 795 not 750.

    anyone seen this IRL? is it really small? i did a search here and found some pics but i still can't really tell how it'll look.
  7. i'm glad you were able to find the name, LoVe23!
    the cotton club pochette is pretty small. it's basically the same as the cambon pochette. a very flat small bag which doesn't hold a ton, but it's really cute.