Can you help me find a Violet City RH??

  1. Hoping to find one new or slightly used for retail or less. Is it even possible?:crybaby: Called a few stores and no luck.
  2. Cricket Liverpool in the UK had one in stock two weeks ago for £700. I know they ship to the US.

    Their tel is 44 151 227 4645 ask for Della.
  3. Thanks. Bad at math! How much is that in dollars?
  4. double it, and i hear that shipping costs a fortune to the States from Cricket, i would hold out you could buy one on eBay for less than that.
  5. You can ask Corey at to set up a wishlist for you, they don't have any right now but you can ask her to email you if/when they get one.
  6. Thanks rosieposie. I'll take your advice and wait.

    balihai88: Didn't know they could set up a wishlist. I'll try that and hope they get one soon.