Can you help me find a smaller metallic?

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  1. If anyone ever sees one, please let me know! I'd really appreciate it as I'm on a quest for what I've now dubbed my HG: a small (first, box, mini, etc.) metallic bbag.

    I'm open to basically any color but orange. I actually lost out on what appeared to be an authentic bronze day on eBay for a good price recently (as well as a couple of others) and it's killing me!

    I'd consider some larger bags too, but probably only as big as a city or twiggy.

  2. mods - please remove this thread! I looked to see if I could close it, but that's not an option.

    I goofed and should have worded this differently - I was more interested in knowing if anyone knows of anything other than eBay online (or a consignment store etc.) that would have one of these, but this post should not be in here!

    Sorry everyone! I did pm jag to ask her to remove this thread already.
  3. Closing this thread, but I don't want anyone to worry! The rules are new, and we expect there to be mistakes, especially since not everyone was really clear as to what the rules really are! No worries! We all understand, and are happy to answer any questions you might have!

    Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.