Can you help me find a plush rabbit like Rev Run and Justine have?


Oct 12, 2006
If this is in the wrong place, I apologize, please move it to wherever it should be. I know that the Plush Rabbit Wanted subforum is high on the priority list, but it isn't quite functional yet.

In the Run's House episode where Justine babysits her niece Ameera, at the end of the show, when Rev and Justine are in the bed, they are playing with this plush bunny rabbit.

It had very floppy ears, beige fur, and was dressed in what appeared to be a pale pink sleeper or standard plush rabbit lounging garment, and each floppy ear had a bow in the same pink.

At first glance it looked like those silly ubiquitous decorator gift rabbits, but for some reason, I kept thinking of this particular one, and that it looked strangely cool.

The other night, they re-ran that episode, and I happened to walk in right when they were in the bed playing with their plush rabbit, and I was suddenly empowered with the confidence to acknowledge that yes, I would like to have such a plush rabbit.

It had one of those stupid expressionless faces and a sort of round-tipped football shaped head, and the ears were even floppier than I had remembered, and the bows looked very nice on them.

I thought that obtaining one would be easy, but to my surprise, I have been unable to locate the rabbit, or even identify a brand or a manufacturer, and neither the network page for the show nor Justine's public MySpace has any means of asking them any questions, but what really surprised me was that none of the google returns took me to places where other people were discussing the rabbit.

I was sure that there would be plush rabbit experts identifying it for others who, like me, had been seized with an inexplicable but undeniable wish to obtain such a rabbit, but no.

Am I the only person who noticed that they were playing with a plush rabbit, and that it was an exceptionally simply-dressed one, with no gingham or sequins or straw hats, just that plain pale, pale pink rabbitrainment and a bow on each floppy ear?

If I am indeed alone in my curiosity about this plush rabbit, let alone my wish to obtain one for myself, then I can accept that.

But surely someone else noticed it and is knowledgeable enough in the field of plushrabbitology to tell me where they can be clicked upon and ordered?

Thanks to anyone who has even a vague idea of what in the world I am talking about.


eat me
Nov 8, 2006
hmmmmmm i think what would help is if you know the episode name or number - which should be easier to find - and find snapshots or images of scenes from that episode. once there is an image we can all go to our respective stuffed animal sources and visually scour for said rabbit!


Oct 12, 2006
hmmmmmm i think what would help is if you know the episode name or number - which should be easier to find - and find snapshots or images of scenes from that episode. once there is an image we can all go to our respective stuffed animal sources and visually scour for said rabbit!
Oh duh. Thanks, rainyjewels! One would think that I would have had the common sense to do that, since I am issuing a public call for plush bunrab location assistance. I will just blame the pills, thank you again, and herewith add the following basic information:

It is Season 4, Episode 9, titled "Baby Steps - Rev And Justine Babysit"
Here is a link to a video of the scene:
Now You're Jealous Of The Baby

And here are some really terrible screen caps from that video:

And thanks kristie! That will keep me busy for a while, goin' rabbit huntin'.

Crylater that was very sweet of you, especially since I did not give any of the data that should have been in the original post!

ragmuffin, the ears are close, but the one I want does not have a white nose patch, and it has on a nightgown, or a sleeper, or a - well you look at the pics and decide what the name of the garment might be, I am not familiar with the standard vocabulary used in the world of plush rabbit couture.


May 26, 2007
Wales - UK
My dd has a bunny from build a bear workshop that sounds close.
This little one. We did buy bows for her ears also. Is this in any way close?
LOL I have that one too! Dressed in a pink skirt & hoodie with bows in her ears! :P

I have one verrry similar to the one from the episode too, but all white with a flowery outfit! I've had it since I was born though so can't really help! I hope you can find it though!


Oct 12, 2006
It took some doing, and would make for quite a long, convoluted and scarcely credible tale(it appears that there exists an entire Plush Rabbit Collector Community and Subculture), but I am astonished to report that I was actually able to identify this very plush bunny, armed only with images previously posted, and of course any of us who did so were foolish to entertain the notion that Rev Run and Justine would lie around in the bed playing with just any old plush bunny obtainable at your local Big Box store.

Oh, no. This particular plush rabbit happens to be a particularly rare and no longer available anywhere extremely limited edition of a particularly sought-after collectible genre proffered in very small lots several years ago by a a particularly sought-after and prestigious House of Fine Collectible Plush, a firm I actually contacted directly, and was told directly that not only did they not have any, that not a single one of their authorized retailers had had any since the day of issue, and most of those had been pre-ordered, nor would they have any, because the limited edition was really and hard-core limited, and that the only such bunrabs in existence (other than Rev Run and Justine, whom they did not mention by name, but it was implied) would be found in the most treasured collections of the most ardent and hard-core collectors, people who attend conferences dedicated solely to the subject of this specific genus of plush rabbits, and who keep their collections in climate-controlled rooms, in museum-quality glass cases, and only bring photographs of them to the conferences, and never, ever sell any of their collection for any price.

If, they told me, I saw this rabbit on a TV show, it would be because someone had been among the lucky few who got their pre-order in on time back in '02 or whichever year it was, or maybe it was just a knockoff, a big box product made to look like the Authentic and genuine article.

Having already determined, through extensive and intensive investigation, that none of the big box, or even the fancy department stores, offered or had they ever offered a plush rabbit even similar to this one, and having compared magnified photographs of Rev Run's rabbit to the prestigious company's own, and thus determined that this was indeed the plush rabbit in question, I thanked them, and set off to learn what I could about these collectors and their collections.

The company, I discovered, was wrong.

Very occasionally a collector of these plush rabbits will sell one, but only to other collectors, only regular limited editions, not the extra super-duper limited editions, and most definitely not this particular rabbit, and always at prices seldom associated, at least by me, with plush rabbits or anything else.

After talking the subject over with a couple of authorized retailers said to be knowledgeable about these super-duper limited editions, even if they didn't have any to sell, it was confirmed that the plush rabbit I sought was indeed one of the most limited and rare of all editions, and it was suggested to me that I take an interest in a less limited edition, or at the very least in a different rabbit, because, echoing the opinion of the company itself, no one who had this rabbit was going to sell it.

What I didn't mention to either company or authorized retailers, or even the handful of actual collectors I was able to track down, was that the budget I had in mind for the rabbit was less than the registration fee to one of their conferences.

But if my experience on eBay (back before it became the playground of the world's scam artists) had taught me anything, it was that whatever it is, no matter how much it might cost elsewhere, somebody somewhere has one, has no idea what it is, or how much it might cost elsewhere, and they don't want it and will sell it to you for next to nothing.

But how to take advantage of that principle without benefit of eBay?

After the predictable wild goose chases across multiple continents, dead ends and false hopes, which were all I was able, despite my best efforts, to cobble together, as always happens whenever such stories have a happy ending, the clouds parted and down plopped a happy accident, in the form of someone who knew someone who knew someone whose tooth designer's brother-in-law had met once at the wedding of someone else's computer dude's cat, and some way or other, that someone did indeed have the very self-same plush rabbit, "New With Tags," had no idea what it was, did not particularly want it, and made a present of it to someone else, who knew the lady who had done the flowers at the wedding of someone else's computer dude's cat, and miraculously from that tangled jungle of unconnected entities, emerged a human being who somehow obtained the rabbit, nestled it carefully in a bed of pink tissue paper, placed it gently in a shoebox, and sent it to me.

And thus I am proud to proclaim that Mr Puff and I have joyously** adopted

Her Royal Highness, The Supreme and Right Honorable Princess Pom Pom Pet Bint FloppyEars

Naturally, the first thing I did was cut the label off and seated her comfortably on a pink pillow by my mousepad.

Thanks again to all who googled, and looked at the picture and even clicked the link to the video, furrowed brow and wondered with me how in the world I could possibly identify, locate and obtain a plush rabbit I happened to see on a reality show.

I really wish I could tell you, but most of the improbably story will remain, at least to me, forever a mystery. Clearly, the Universe wished Princess Pom Pom to come and live with us, and now she does!

(**well, I am joyous, it would be more accurate to describe Mr Puff's sentiments as somewhere between mildly puzzled and highly amused).


More please!
Dec 1, 2006
Shimma that is amazing! Any chance of a photo of the Princess Pom Pom?

I am just astonished that you were able to find her! It was meant to be. :girlsigh: