Can you help me find a Botkier Cairo?

  1. I have been on the internet for 3 hours looking for a botkier small/medium Cairo in grey. Of course I am also looking for a small deal as they are spency!

    Please~ if you know of any codes/shops that are carrying it right now, let me know. TIA!

  2. Well, I got mine in grey from Active Endeavors with a 25% off code. I will be returning it tomorrow, so if you're on the lookout, it should show up next week or so!
  3. There's also one on eBay from one of our fellow tPFers, who is very reliable!
  4. Are you looking for the hobo

    or the satchel:
  5. Hi~ Can you tell me why you are returning it? I am also looking at the Bryant...I did check out Lexie's auction. Looks good!

    I may also be interested in the hobo! Not too picky...I have my eyes set on some COACH boots to match:graucho:
  6. I'm returning it because I really wanted a grey bag and it was more of a taupe. Also, I'm 5'4", and it looked too ridiculous sticking out from the side...just too wide. I love the look of it from the front too, but ultimately, it just wasn't quite what I had in mind.
  7. Thanks for your input!

    I too want a Grey bag and am 5'4". I am glad I went ahead and purchased a Hayden-harnett Havana Hobo in grey. I will see if I like it...we shall see. Thanks for your opinions;)