Can you help me figure out my skintone?

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  1. I'm thinking I'm using pinker foundation then I am but I'm not sure what my skintone is! My legs look more pinkish but my neck and torso area seem more yellowish. I'm posting a pic of myself without makeup (yes bad oily skin day, I can't believe I'm posting this) and one with to show what I mean about the color looking too pink. Just look at my face compared to my neck, not matching AT ALL! =P So without my makesup what skin tone do you think I have?

    I ask because I want to order more Everyday Minerals because I think their Sandy Fair is way too pink for me but I don't know what shade to get. =P

    before1.jpg after1.jpg
  2. I definitly think that the makeup is a little too peachy/pink....but i would have to say that your skin tone is pretty pink itself! Maybe if you added some yellow/green based foundation it may help with the pinkness. MAC [FONT=Verdana, Arial][FONT=Verdana, Arial]makes a product called Tint which comes in a variety of colors, one of which is a pale green tint to add to foundation or put on skin under foundation. [/FONT][/FONT]
  3. I think it might be too light and pink for you, but the coverage looks great!!!. I use Fair Medium in the "cool" for Everyday Minerals and I'm thinking this might work for you too, or maybe the color right below it, Fair (cool). These colors are not as pink, but they are for skin tones with earthy pink undertones where the sandy fair is for skin with Beige undertones, which I don't think you have...

    Here is me wearing Everyday Minerals Fair Medium in the "cool"...
  4. i would got to a makeup counter, and have an associate help you out. you may endup going to several different counters before you find the perfect shade tho. i always have a hard time, cuz many companies don't go pale enough for my tone. good luck!
  5. Well I'm hoping to find a shade in EM. I'll have to try Fair or fair medium I think! I don't remember the Fair shade, I know she recently updated did she add new shades? Thanks guys!
  6. I think it's definitely too pink. Is there one that is neutral instead of warm or cool? If not, maybe you could buy a warmer tone and mix them together.

    Honestly though, I don't think you need so much foundation. Your skin looks beautiful without it!
  7. I think you need something a tad bit warmer! If you naturally have pink tone's you shouldnt enhance them any more with pink/peach tones b/c nmw your natural skin tone will show threw!
  8. in the second picture the makeup you have is too pink try something thats cooler
  9. I think you should try Sunkissed Fair. It has a little more yellow to it. If it is too light, then Golden Medium will be a good choice. (I'm in your range and I mix FairlyLight (Warm) with Golden Medium.)
  10. yep too pink. try something more yellow under tint.
  11. Match foundation to your neck. Always.

    You have that "rose dipped in milk" skin, and you don't need much coverage or "help", so I would try something very sheer, neutral tone, in one of those pale shades - they are so pretty, and have poetic names like "alabaster" that will make you feel very romantic and Lady of Shaillot just by saying the word.

    And if you feel like you need some pink, get a blush the color of a blush rose you know which ones those are? The very palest pink ones, you see them in weddings a lot - see how lucky you are - we can't even talk about your makeup without using beautiful and evocative words and thinking of romance! and just hit around very very lightly where the sun would. Don't do stuff like suck in your cheeks or wonder where your apples are. Just pretend your brush is the sun, you know where it hits your face, everybody is different, and just let it lightly kiss.

    And you didn't ask for this advice, but if I got ahold of you, after all that, I would take everything off your eyes that you have now, and lighten your eyebrows or not darken them, whichever is the case, and put just a whiff of your pale blush rose blush right under the brow, and bring it down to just above your cheekbone, then do one of those soft light browns, usually called mink or something, but I would mix it with an ivory beige, and do the crease, blend it up, and hit your lids with the ivory beige, usually shadows this color are called vanilla something or other, not the whole lid, just surprise it by plopping down on the middle, then do taupe liner, smudged just a bit with a pointy Q-tip, and a whisper of brown mascara, and do your lips in a sheer gloss as close to their natural color as can be blended from whatever is around.

    Just humor a cantankerous old crone and try it, you will look like the heroine in a romantic novel set in days of yore, who is not wearing any makeup at all because she does not need any.
  12. Dude, seriously. You DON'T need foundation! I can't believe how beautiful your skin tone is. The only thing I'd put on your face is a dusting of loose powder to control the shine, lipgloss, a bit of blush and lighter mascara.

    I completely mean that. I also completely agree with the idea presented by our ShimmaPuff above. You have that English Rose look to you, don't try and cover it up!
  13. I have the same pinkish tone on my face and a yellowish neck. I have to match the skin on my neck, not that I wear much foundation, but I always keep in mind what colour my neck is. We would look quite red if we put on a pink tone foundation and make things even worse.