Can you help me decide?

  1. I'm really wanting the pond shoulder, but I"m 5'10" and about 160 lb. Am I going to overwhelm the bag? I was also hoping to find the ali in pond, but I don't think it exists. Then I'm wondering if I should get the mandy in white? Which should I get, I need your help.

    Pond Shoulder
    White Mandy
    ???? Ali


  2. I'd go for the pond shoulder! I love it! Or the pond satchel, but that one is more $$.
  3. I'd go for the pond shoulder. I don't think you'll overwhelm the bag at all. It would be a great fit and it's a great bag.
  4. I agree with pomplit - I don't think you'll overwhelm the bag at all.
  5. Pond Shoulder
  6. OMG, are you me? I have been agonizing over getting the Legacy shoulder in pond and I am your exact same size! Funny, I wan't worried as much with me fitting the bag as with all my junk fitting in it. I decided I'm going to my Caoch store a week from tomorrow ( I'll have an appointment in the area) and come home with it, if they have it, and if not, I'll order it. I figure if I still want it in a week, it's meant to be!! Let me know if you get it and how much you love it!!
  7. Yes! Get the pond shoulder bag! It's not huge but it's bigger and more spacious than it appears. I love mine! It's gorgeous!
  8. thanks guys, I can't wait see this bag IRL!