Can you help me decide?

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  1. Hi everyone!I am new to this forum.I actually wanted to find out about new mia maggie fabric with sateen outline C's in brown.Have you guys seen this in person?I can not make up my mind.I thought brown is good color and it looks great but now I am thinking if black is better.Can you help me decide what to get brown or black color.I have'nt seen this in black color yet.Waiting for your suggestions.
  2. I have seen the brown mia maggie with outline C's and I think its pretty because outline have little bit shine too but I am not sure about how does it look in black color.If it looks prettier than brown than will go for it.
  3. I have seen the Black Outlined Maggie..Its pretty, but not for me!I have been hunting for a new shoulder bag, so I did take a peek at the Maggie's, but I just don't care for them.I like a big open compartment, not seperated ones:smile:I think brown is a good everyday color, if its what you have your heart set on.Oh and Welcome to TPF~:sunnies
  4. Which one in your opinion looks better in this particular style like outline C's brown or black
  5. Thanks for your suggestions and for welcoming me in TPF.
  6. I would say to go buy what you wear most..Even though browns look good with black and so forth..But if it was me, I would get the Black with Silver Hardware:smile:Good Luck;)
  7. Does black have that little shine too because on website i don't see any...well on pic. shown for brown one doesn't have that shine either.I actually wear brown and black a lot so I can go with either one ..but for me right now is which one looks better...I can't decide.
  8. i havent seen either but i would get the brown. ive personally had too many issues with black fabrics fading. welcome to the form!
  9. Ditto on brown, especially for fall! I haven't seen this particular bag in person though...just love brown :smile:
  10. oh thank you everyone for your great response...I really appreciate it...I love this forum so much
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    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
    I have seen this bag, walked around it in the store many times and this is next on my list. It's a very pretty bag. It's quite sturdy for a fabric bag and the price is good. :smile: I saw the black but I like the richness of the brown which by the way you can wear on black. Hope this helps.

  12. Have you decided???Like I said, either would do in this style, they are both pretty:smile:In the end, it has to be what you love..:smile:
  13. hmm well I am already in love with brown one ..If black looked better than brown then I would change my mind but Luv Purses(bagaholic) said brown looks better so I think I will stick with brown.
  14. Thanks dawnqueen69 for your nice opinions ...for everyday use and matching and all that black is really good color but I have two black bags already.. black signature zoe and black signature sabrina so I think I need little change.I love you guys and love your suggestions.
  15. Actually I always prefer black handbags because they don't look dirty and can go with everything.This time I loved the mia maggie in brown(mahagony) so I was thinking maybe I am doing something wrong getting different color bag.So I thought I should take other opinions as well.