Can you help me decide?

  1. Okay- So I'm all set to order on Purse Store- but I am having the hardest time deciding when I can't see the bags "for real." So I am thinking about just ordering them all, since they have the free return within 3 days. However, if I can eliminate from the get-go, that would probably be better. So, in my shopping bag I currently have:

    HH Mercer Satchel
    HH Mercer Clutch
    HH Havana Hobo
    Minkoff Morning After Mini

    I'm looking for a new everyday, go-to bag. I'm concerned about the bag overwhelming me b/c I'm a petite 5'4". I am so bad figuring out proportion in my head by just looking at the stated measurements. Can't wait for your suggestions/recommendations:smile:
  2. Also-how do we feel about the Minkoff Hobo?

  3. Measurements for the bags are as follows:
    HH Satchel: 14.5W x. 6.5H x 7D
    HH Mercer Clutch: 12.5W x 7H x 2D
    HH Havana Hobo: 18W x 14H x 5D
    Morning After Mini: 12.5W x 7H x 5.5D
    Minkoff Hobo: 12 W x 9H x 4D
  4. i like the :
    HH mercer satchel
    HH havana hobo
    minkoff (the bigger of the two)
  5. Just wanted to say that I just received my HH Ibiza Flight Tote today - the leather is INCREDIBLE. I had no idea it was this nice! A fully leather bag from HH would be TDF!!!

    From the above pics, I like (from smallest to largest):

    Mercer Clutch
    Minkoff Hobo
    Havana Hobo

    I think it all depends on how much you carry everyday. I don't think you can go wrong with any choice! Good luck!
  6. The mercer satchel is pretty versatile for everyday use. 2nd choice is the RM hobo.
  7. [​IMG]

    I love this bag. I'd definitely choose this!
  8. I love the Havana Hobo but I think it only comes in that Green color, right? I snatch it up in a minute if it was brown.
  9. Great-looking choices, woodstock. Why don't you order the first four bags to see how they look on you?
  10. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking I'll have to do. I was just hoping you all could help me narrow it down:smile: Don't know why I'm so indecisive. Sigh, if only I could keep them all :smile:

    And for all you decisive, opinionated people out there- keep your suggestions coming- think I'm going to place the order this evening!
  11. I love all the Hayden Harnetts.
  12. I love the middle two, although if you aren't used to larger bags the Havana could be overwehlming in real life.
  13. HH clutch or HH hobo
  14. Thanks everyone for your help. I actually decided that I like the HHs better than the Minkoff- I just think the HHs are a litte more young and fun and unique. I just ordered the three HHs from Purse Store and will keep the one that looks best IRL. Just wanted to let you all know- the Purse Store seems pretty awesome. I've never purchased from them before, so we'll see. BUT- I ordered this afternoon and selected their free shipping option, via UPS ground. They just sent me an email saying they've shipped my order and it should arrive tomorrow. Granted the store is in MD and I live in VA, but if they are actually here by tomorrow that is awesome!!! Plus, it's hard to beat 30% off. I'll let you all konw which on I finally keep. So exciting!!!! This will be my first "nice" bag.
  15. Believe me- I get being indecisive :smile: Can't wait to see what you decide (keep hearing about the amazing HH leather)! Keep us posted!