Can you help me decide?


Which 2 should I go for?

  1. Rouge Vif City *and* Twiggy

  2. Rouge Vif City and Blue India Twiggy

  3. Blue India City and Rouge Vif Twiggy

  4. Something else...please specify

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  1. Ok, I need some intervention here. I've become increasingly obsessed with the Rouge Vif color after seeing all the gorgeous pictures here. Right now I am planning on getting a Rouge Vif City *and* Twiggy. The color just looks sooo beautiful in both styles!!! Or should I get a Rouge Vif City and a Blue India Twiggy? Or vice versa? Is it weird to have two bbags in the same color? I'm still drooling over Beaux's City and every time I see her avatar I want mine sooo badly! lol. I'm kinda eh on the Blue India now after looking at the pics for awhile. It doesn't look like it's going to be the bright bluish teal with hint of grey that I thought it would be. That's why I don't think I want it in the City size.
  2. I voted for the rouge vif in both the city and twiggy. The color is fantastic and based on all the photos posted here the leather is sooooo very nice. I don't think it's weird at all to have two bbags in the same color. Good luck!
  3. I'll go for the Rouge Vif City (I'm getting nuts waiting for mine:roflmfao: )
    and for the 2nd bag I'd go for the Blue India Twiggy (I also think the colour could be great in Day size)
    => 2 different colours, 2 different styles:nuts: !!!
  4. i would also say rouge vif city & blue india twiggy :P
  5. Rouge City and Blue India Twiggy!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have the Rouge Twiggy but somehow I love it in the City more. I'm planning to get a BI Twiggy though.
  6. I voted for the 'Rouge Vif' City and the Blue India Twiggy !! This would be a nice combination imo ;) :yes: ! GOOD LUCK with your decision pupster.... :flowers:
  7. Yup, ditto, pupster!
  8. ^^ I agree:yes:
  9. Looks like Rouge Vif City and Blue India Twiggy is winning. Ok, I won't cancel/change my City preorder from BalNY then. Rouge Vif really does look gorgeous in the City, doesn't it?:tender: I'm hoping NM SF gets the Blue India Twiggy and Day(now I'm thinking about this style, too. lol) so I can check them out and buy this color in person.:yes:

    Thanks so much ladies!:flowers:
  10. I made sure not to read others' opinions so as to remain objective...and I also voted Rouge City/ B.I. Twiggy!
    Looks like great minds do think alike:rolleyes:
  11. Pup - you HAVE to get a Rouge Vif City! I don't even think that one's up for discussion!

    As for the blue india - hummm, i'm not totally sold on this color. It also seems like one that varies a GREAT deal, so maybe as long as you picked it out in person, perhaps it would be okay....?

    I'm very biased though - the Rouge Vif is a showstopper for me, so i'd do either Rouge Vif in both styles. OR Rouge Vif City and ________twiggy <---another color that appeals to you? Maybe the Blueberry?
  12. whatever you decide, dont get both a city and twiggy in exa ct same color. those 2 shpes are too similar. i have both a sky blue city and skyblue twiggy. i never use twiggy bc it looks too much like city since they are exact same color.:heart:and we are all anxiously awaiting the real color of blue india which bal ny calls bleu gris.
  13. ^ I agree that the same color can seem like the same bag in those two sizes.

    Of course you're getting the Rouge Vif City, that is a must.

    Blue India will look nice in the Twiggy shape.
  14. i saw both in rouge if you truly love that color OR get the rouge in twiggy and the BI in city. I think twiggys look their best in a bright color!!!!
  15. I think the City just rocks in vivid red! I think the blue India would be a nice colour to have in any collection so I voted for rouge vif City and Blue India twiggy. Otherwise, if BI hadn't been an option, I'd have just voted rouge vif for both.