Can you help me decide?


Which should I get?

  1. Mono speedy

  2. damier speedy

  3. Mono speedy

  4. damier speedy

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  1. So I just got my mono batignolles 2 weeks ago which I love and I want to get a speedy.

    I thought I decided on the mono but with the damier coming out soon I keep changing my mind. My bf says since I already have a mono I should get the damier to get more variety. Also, I was worried about being very casual all the time and afraid I might not use the damier as much b/c I think it is more formal. His input was that I could use my mono batignolles for my casual outfits and the damier for nights out or when I wear formal clothes.

    I see what he means but I want to hear some opinions from you girls!

    Please help me should I get the mono speedy or damier speedy? I am also leaning towards the 30.
  2. i agree w ur bf go for a different look for a change!
  3. I Agree, Too.....Go For The Damier Speedy...A Very Different Look From Your BH
  4. I have the mono Speedy 30 and I'm on the list to get a Damier Speedy 30. I'd recommend getting the Damier Speedy if you already have a bag in mono. And I actually think the Damier can dress up or down.
  5. I'd definitely go for the Damier Speedy
  6. Well, I am biased because I own both a mono BH and a mono Speedy.
    I personally think a mono Speedy is a foundation item, something everyone should have. That's what I voted for. Damier or Mono, you simply cannot go wrong. That's the beauty!!!!!
  7. Here's another pic of my batignolles so you all can see what I'm working with:biggrin:
    LV batignolles set.JPG
  8. See, if you bought a Mono Speedy you'd be all Matchy Pootchy!
    The Damier be an outsider.
  9. Damier speedy!!!:yes:
  10. I love both but I'd get the mono first then the damier. If you only want 1, whicever you like better. It's your choice ultimately.
  11. I would get mono. When damier speedy does come out that is ALL you are going to see. The bottom line is, do you want to add another mono piece to your collection or do you want to add something dif.?
  12. Mono first, then check out the Damier when it comes out.
  13. I'm having the same dilemma! I had finally decided on the mono, but it has been raining all week here and now I am thinking maybe I should go with the Damier after all. :wacko: I think I'm eventually gonna have to get both. :lol: Maybe a 25 in one and a 30 in the other!
  14. I agree with your bf. I say get the Damier. Its a very versatile bag. Personally I think it can go with casual or more dressy clothes.
  15. until the damier is in the shops you cant try them both on, why not wait till they are in the shops then decide which one you like better. Good luck!