can you help me decide which birkin?

Can you help me which birkin?

  • 30cm black birkin w/ silver hardware (togo)

  • 35cm black birkin w/ silver hardware (togo)

  • something else (please explain which one)

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Oct 16, 2007
Thanks in advance!

edit: I am 25 years old.. 5'4.. about 125 pounds.. Looking for a everyday handbag and durable.. this will be my first birkin purchase.. I usually purchase LV and Chanel but I am looking to get a Hermes as well since it can last me a whole lifetime if I take care of it well I hope..


Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
do you already own a bunch of black bags? What is your wardrobe like? What is your lifestyle?

Birkins are fantastic but not for everyone. Have you looked at other Hermes bags that may fit your lifestyle better? If so, then great that you found you want a Birkin!
Black is beautiful but a Birkin in rouge H, Blue Jean, Raisin, or some other fantastic color can really add something to your collection - no other brand can do color as well as Hermes in my opinion.


Oct 16, 2007
I have a lot of black clothing and usually a pretty casual dresser.. just looking for more as a handbag to carry it to work and going out on weekends mostly..

is the 30cm able to be used as a shoulder bag as well? or just handheld? and is there a big difference between the 30cm and 35cm? Thanks!

I just measured my daily LV bag that I use for everywhere and its about 35cm long but I never really stuff it all the way either..

I'm just debating between the 30cm and 35cm birkin in black.. TIA!


Mar 2, 2007
Neither the 30 nor the 35 can really be used as a shoulder bag on the vast majority of people (occasionally you'll see someone with the world's thinnest arms make it work with a 35). They're designed to be tote bags, and the strap drop depending on the size is between 4" and 5".
The 30cm in my opinion has a more "purse like" look to it, while the 35 is definitely a visually larger bag for sure.