Can you help me decide, please girls?

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  1. Hi gals! It's nice to be on here and chat with others that love and appreciate bags! :love: My husband told me that for our anniversary, he's willing to get me a bag, but I don't know what color to get. So here are the pics and you guys tell me your honest opinions, ok?

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  2. I hope I've helped you.
  3. I'd pick the camel!! :smile:

    Glad you like it here!! I hope everyone does!!
  4. I agree. :smile:

    I'm diggin' the black one more though...
  5. I also agree on the first or last...I think the tanned handles on the white leather cheapens the look of the bag somehow.

    If I have to pick only one, I'd pick the first one.
  6. I like the black :biggrin:
  7. No question. I would go with the black. Very nice ;)
  8. Looks like we are choosing between black or camel... tricky choice
  9. I like the black one!
  10. I'd go with the black. The white will be too hard to keep clean and the handles on the camel bag will darken from being carried and look dirty. With care, the black will always look new and gorgeous!
  11. I think you should go for the camel, nice color. But as they say black goes with everything.
  12. The black is nice but the camel seems richer. Seeing them in person is the best way to tell. Black might go with everything but does it go with everything you wear or your skin color? Happy Anniversary!
  13. I like the first one, wheich is tha camel one and the black is my second choose. I am really feeling the first one though, it give more glamour to the studded detail
  14. I love the camel bag...Have a great Anniversary!
  15. You probably got the bag already, but for my $0.02 worth CAMEL! :smile:

    I think it's a richer looking bag in camel, and confess, don't you an abundance of black bags already? ;)