Can you help me choose pls? - key pouches vs zippy multicartes vs Sarah multicartes

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  1. I'm ISO something small to use as a purse inside my smaller handbags. I'd need to carry about 4 or 5 cards, and some cash (notes and coins). Can anyone help me decide please??

    Sarah multicartes in Fuchsia

    Zippy multicartes in fuchsia

    Key pouch in fuchsia epi leather

    Key pouch in mono

    I'd like something to coordinate with my 6 key holder which is indian rose vernis.

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I have the Sarah Multicartes in fuchsia and love it! So much more organization than a cles if you want to use it for cards and a little cash. The canvas is nice and smooshy and the styling is beautiful in my opinion with the envelope design. Here's a side view for example of what can fit and how wide the accordion design allows this to expand. Perfect for small bags- this lives in my Palm Springs mini backpack right now. Good luck with your decision! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464720115.071430.jpg
  3. Beautiful! Thanks for the advice. I must admit I do love the look of this one probably the most
  4. Sure! I liked it more as well- even sold my hard to find Rosalie coin purse in RB to get this one!
  5. Sarah multicartes in fuchsia is really pretty and appears to be very functional
  6. I have the zippy multicartes and I love it. It is very compact and fits many cards. 10 plus, even 20 cards depending it you want to double up on it. I use it to keep my cards, and it's not bulky. I also keep my notes. My coins I keep in my coin purse. It is very cute and compact, and light weight. Easy to grab on the go. Highly recommend it.
  7. If you don't have many cards, Sarah Multicartes is very good. It looks more elegant and does not have the leather tab that the Zippy Multicartes has. But if you have a lot of cards (more than 10), Zippy Multicartes is the way to go. Cash can fit in both multicartes. I tried both at the LV boutique and found that Zippy Multicartes is better for me because I have so many cards and do not want to put them in additional card case. I tried putting all my cards and cash inside the Sarah Multicartes and it cannot be comfortably closed. I found success with the Zippy Multicartes and bought it despite the irritating leather tab. I tried the Rosalie Coin Wallet too but the cards and cash cannot fit inside due to too many cards.
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  8. Hi are you still pleased with your Sarah multicarte? I've recently bought one and I've noticed that on opening there's a crease on the back of the flap. Have you noticed this? I'm deciding whether to keep it or take it back.
  9. IMG_1478133569.923793.jpg
    Hi there- is this what you're referring too? I noticed it too but chalked it up to being party of the design to allow a wide berth for the flap to close. I am still happy with mine (but this doesn't bother me...)
  10. Hi, yes thats what I meant, thank you for replying. I have until Monday to decide; I think I will keep it because I just love the whole look of it.
  11. I'll throw in another option, Key Cles in Empreinte. Yes Empreinte everything lover here :smile:
    And here is why!! :smile:
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  12. Thank you for the link to the video regarding the Empreinte key pouch. It was extremely helpful. I ended up purchasing it.
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  13. Awesome choice!! So glad the video helped :smile:
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  14. I was sold once you showed what can be placed inside! I LVOE it!
  15. Edited. Whoops. Sorry didn't see you made a purchase already. Congrats.
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