can you help me choose my 1st kooba?


Which bag do you like best?

  1. Kooba Charlie in Black

  2. Kooba Meredith in Slate

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. hi everyone!

    I'm new to the kooba world...but have had my eyes on some bags that I have fallen in love with. I'd like to ask your opinion on which bag to choose. I'm having a difficult time choosing between the Meredith in Slate or the Charlie in Black. I love the look of both bags and the practicality of being able to carry them 2 ways...I don't own any black or gray either one would be a great decision! I've tried both bags on at Neimans and still cant choose!:confused1: All of my other bags are LV so I've decided to diversify...I appreciate your help!!


    p.s. i would get both if i could...!!
  2. I voted for the black Charlie, because I think the black leather would hold up better than the slate leather. I also like the Charlie better because it is a good in-between style that can be casual or professional.
  3. I go with the black Charlie.
    Check out
    They have both styles on sale!
  4. Gosh, it's a hard call because both bags are nice. I think I'd have to go with whatever suited my wardrobe of clothes better. Sorry, I know I'm not helping. I'd have the same dilemma in your shoes.
  5. I would go with the black Charlie. It just seems like a classier bag and could be used for dressed up or casual. Meredith seems more casual to me.
  6. I would go with the Meredith because it is so sexy and classy at the same time. You'd definitely be stylin' with it!
  7. I vote for the Charlie. I think its such a versatile, classy look.
  8. thanks guys I think I'll go with the charlie! hopefully still on sale on Shopbop! I've been waiting for them!
  9. I agree, Black Charlie and later on down the road, you can find a deal on a slate Meredith.
  10. For the record....we have black Charlie:


    And the Meredith:


    Well, I am torn with voting. I love black bags and I honestly think darker color Koobas are the way to go...I learned this the hard way last year with my Sienna in desert but that's another post...

    I would get the Charlie, as much as I love the style of the Meredith more.
  11. The Meredith is quite pretty...
  12. Wow, very hard choice, but I have to say go with the Charlie. Good luck on finding a deal whichever way you go!
  13. thanks so much everyone!!! I got the Black Charlie!!!! I'm so excited about my first kooba! I was really bad and also bought a Kale bag in a yellow color...I have never bought 2 bags at once before!! Shopbop is really having some great deals at the moment...if the slate meredith gets marked down even further, I may get her!!!
  14. Good for you, congratulations.
  15. congrats on your bag!

    Oh, do if you get the chance... I;m a little late to the thread or I would have voted for the Meredith. I have one in slate too, and she is my favorite handbag (as well as the hubby's)!!