Can you help me and post a pic?

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  1. Of your Vernis Reade PM?? I am thinking of bidding on this bag and I just want to make sure that I can fit my stuff in it.

    If you have this bag can you post a pic of it so I can see how much it would hold?

    Thanks guys, I really appreceiate it!!:flowers: :flowers:
  2. 0o00o0 tr444 you should SO get one of these!!! they're SO cute!!! what colour are you hoping to nab???
  3. I used to have a Marshmallow Reade PM.. Here's a pic of it that I use to show people how the single drop in purseket fits. Hopefully it will help you with what you need..

    Gee, now I'm looking at this and I'm wondering why I ever sold it!
  4. I never knew you could fit that much in such a small bag!
  5. Wow! It really does fit alot! I may do it, I'm not sure. I just wonder if I'd like the fact that it doesn't close? I may be nervous about that.
  6. Bid! Bid! It's such a cute bag!! Doesn't cristina have one also???

  7. Does she? I don't know? I ask the seller if he would accept a certain amount because there's no bidding just a buy it now. We'll see what he says! Keeping my fingers crossed!!
  8. Good luck!! Let us know!!!
  9. Mel, you sound like me. I look at all my old pictures and wonder why I sold them!!!
  10. I will take the pics for you
  11. Sorry bit blurry..

    MJ clutch (thick),cles,lip glosses,mirror,brush,cell phone,sunglasses case, handbag hook.
    DSC04148a.JPG DSC04149a.JPG
  12. This bag is very small looking but fit's very cute bag. I love mine because it's red :biggrin: