Can you help identify these style numbers?

  1. I've got a friend who has kindly offered to go to her local Coach outlet and find me something 'lovely' and forward it on to me in Australia.
    She's just sent me some pics from the Coach site but she has style numbers for the rest (as they're no longer on the website)
    Can you help identify these...and if possible post pics?
    Thank you!

  2. they didn't show up in the drilldown right? so they are outlet only bags? let me look around, I'm sure we can find a few of them
  3. heres 8a71 (i see black, brown, and white)
  4. 8A03 (black, brown and white at least)
  5. sorry, double post
  6. here's 117


    also in black, white and possibly a few others

    I'm not finding the 198
  7. I don't know what 'the drilldown' is :confused1:
    Remember...I'm slow!
  8. Ok...thank you for those!
    Here's my quandary;
    As per my sig, I'm wanting the black medium Carly & the Legacy signature satchel.
    This friend who has so kindly offered to do all of this for me, has sent pics of the ones she can get.
    She can get the medium Carly but not in black but the brown/khaki. She can also get

    Both are fantastically priced.
    Now I can't decide between getting the one above or the khaki Carly.
    This will most likely be the only Coach bag I get for a long while so do I just wait for the one that I want (black Carly) or do I get the khaki or the black soho?
    BTW...the black soho was on my original 'wish list' until I did a cull.
    Oh! Decisions decisions!! Help me?!
  9. If the Carly is what you LOVE then get the carly don't settle get what you LOVE!
  10. I have this bag and love it. It was my first all leather piece. It's nice and slouchy, and the leather buttery soft. It's a Soho hobo.