Can you help? Ideas for marketing lipstick online

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  1. Hi, Ladies

    I just started selling lipstick online.

    The lipstick is terrific - you put it on once in the morning and it lasts through dinnertime. I will make sales calls to local gals.

    But I need ideas besides Google Ads/Adwords and Bonanzle to help me sell on the internet.

    The manufacturer doesn't make samples for me to give away. I wish it did.

    I respect tPF rules so I'm not posting my website address.

    Thanks for your help! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. You can also send full-sized lipsticks to beauty blogs, so they can review it (but be prepared for honest reviews). Craigslist is good locally, as is any sort of wedding expo in your town. Also, set up a website if you haven't already.

    Be prepared and make samples yourself out of full-sized lipsticks. Most people won't buy something they've never heard of unless they try it or get a discount on it.

    I can't really give you any more tips other than that, since it's hard for me to dispense advice without knowing more about the brand/lippie/marketing strategy.
  3. this is what i would suggest. i don't know how many items i went and picked up after my favorite beauty blogs raved about them
  4. ITA with giving samples to bloggers. That's a great idea!
  5. Thanks for your tips, Ladies!

    I'm going to follow all your advice. The Craigslist post is already up and I found some glass vials for samples.

    Would you please post the website addresses of the most popular beauty blogs?

    Many thanks!
  6. You can send samples to my pretty pink box.

    People buy the my pretty pink sample boxes! They always sell out in mere minutes. It will be a good way to expose your brand to many ladies instead of just a blogger.
  7. Sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at the My Pretty Pink Box website. :shame:
    Re the lipsticks, I agree with the other ladies about offering samples to beauty bloggers.
  8. Actually a lot of beauty brands offer samples to my pretty pink box like Mary Kay, Mark and Freeze 24/7.

    It is a legit site! :shrugs:
  9. Thanks for the link socal ... I knew it was a ligit site but the name is very similar to a naughty video I saw in my late teens, if you catch my drift. :nuts:
  10. Thanks for all your great tips, Ladies.

    Below is a color chart of the lipstick I sell. Which shade do you think I should I send to reviewers and My Pretty Pink Box?

  11. I think you would want to pick a shade that is neutral and looks good with a lot of different skin tones. As I can't tell if it's sheer or not, I'm not sure what shade that would be. Also, what about sites like Newbeauty's test tube, or beautyfix? They let people try different items and review them also.
  12. Hi, Bridurkin

    Thanks for the website names. I'll check them out right after writing this.

    The lipstick is opaque. They have tinted glosses but my research says that opaque colors will come back big this year.

    I agree with you about neutral and complimentary. Which shade do you think that would be? What do you think of Rose Ice?
  13. Which shade do you like best, ProfNot? Or which shade gets ordered the most often? I would chose that one. Nothing too blue or too orange. I don't know how Rose Ice is in person, but it looks a little bright for an opaque lip color! (Then again, it could just be my monitor's settings). Good luck- the product sounds great!

  14. Thanks for the advice, Magdeline!

    I just sent an email to the manufacturer asking which color is ordered most often.

    I also just posted a "which color" thread here because tPF women are super fashionable and cool!

    And thanks to the poster who said to create my own samples. That's why I need one color: I'm going to create my own samples.
  15. You weren't alone. :blush: