Can you help authenticate this Thomas Wylde Skull Bag!

  1. Can anyone help me - I'm trying to find out if this Thomas Wylde Skull Bag might be authentic or fake?

    Thank you SO much:yes:
    1.JPG 2a.JPG 3a.JPG 4a.JPG 5a.JPG
  2. I didn't think this was a bag that was likely to be counterfeited......
  3. I saw an info site regarding TW bags. These bags are copied all the time, eBay is full of fakes! Let me do some research and hopefully can find the site.
  4. ^^^^^ great guide. I had pulled out my purse to try to compare it, but the guide is so much better and very detailed.
  5. Hi, and thank you all SO much - that guide is excellent!

    The item has actually been bought on a BIN so - its not an issue any more. I just wasn't sure - as I knew that these bags had been faked in the far East - probably originally by Francis Tse. I wasn't sure about the bag - it does have the right shaped nose! However, I wasn't sure about the lining, as I'd tried to compare it with a red one which is on - sorry I can't remember whose - website. Anyway - back to the drawing board - that elusive bag will appear eventually!;)