Can you help a newbie!

  1. I have moved from Gucci to Chanel recently and have been reading these threads learning about chanel!

    I am thinking that I will be getting some early birthday gifts (which is in septmeber) I have allocating $4k for the chanel purchases.

    I am really loving the rock and chain flap in black. I don't like the standard flaps. I love big bags with shape.

    Can you make some suggestions... even post pictures if you like!

    I am considering doing 2 black bags or a metallic bag and a black bag.

    Thanks ladies
  2. The Cabas is really hot at the moment, I really love my denim one, its large and comfortable to carry.

  3. I just got this bag and love it, it was a bit hard to find the # is A31405y04339 it retails for $2495
    Picture 101.jpg
  4. the coco cabas is a cute bag :biggrin: I suggest that for an everyday bag!
  5. Mskitty: That is a nice bag, what is it called? and the size? Is it in metallic black?
  6. I have a large rock & chain flap in black and love it so I suggest that lol! It is $1975

    Since you like larger bags you may also like the modern chain tote...let me find a pic for you...
  7. Its called the luxury bowler it's in patent leather... I have the metalic also..but have not poted pics. yet.... this is the medium size
  8. OMG, Mskitty you own 2 luxury bowler, how lucky. Do post pic, thks.