Can you hear that? It's so faint, but I swear I hear it...

  1. It's that dang amarante sunset blvd calling me!

    :whistle:"Tink, come and get me..." :whistle:"Tink, you want me..." :whistle: "Tink, you need me..." :whistle:"Tink, I swear you will use me.."

    Ugh!...and I was actually hoping the price was going up today, so I wouldn't be tempted, but no such luck :roflmfao:!
  2. You are too funny! LOL!
  3. Twinkle...why stop now! Go for the GOLD!!! (in this case Amrante!) go!
  4. Get Ittttt!:graucho:

    might as well since you splurged! just a little bit more, no?
  6. just looked at your other thread and might as well add on to your amarante collection! (such an enabler, huh?) :graucho:
  7. If you want it, definitely pick it up! It's super cute!
  8. You definitely need this bag - isn't it funny how we all encourage you?! It's easy when we are spending YOUR money!!!!!:nuts:
  9. The hottest bag ever!
  10. Love it!!
  11. go get it!!!! it's too beautiful not to have :smile: lol i'm no help.
  12. Do it!
  13. If you are looking to me to stop you from buying this luscious, gorgeous, and fabulous bag, I cain't help ya. LOL

    You know that the little whispers will only get louder and louder until you can't stand it anymore and you'll have to RUN to LV to get it before it drives you insane.

    Twinkle --- it'll be icing on yesterday's massive LV Loot Cake. You must get it. :graucho:
  14. I hear voices too...they are telling me to go rob a bank or I will never have anything close to twink's collection!!! (Get the bag - why stop now?? It's to die for).
  15. get it!!!!