Can You Have Too Many Speedys?

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Which should I buy?

  1. Speedy 30 Monogram

  2. Speedy 30 Mon Monogram

  1. Alright so I'm debating adding another Speedy 30 to my collection lol. I currently own a My World Tour 30, Summer Trunks 30 in DA, Dentelle 30, Mon Monogram 30, and I have my unicorn bag coming soon which is the Aquarelle 35. I love the style and the slouch of a well loved Speedy. I also love how easy they are to store, meaning how they can be folded down, so they save a lot of room. I'd like to add one more, but I can't decide if I want another Mon Monogram or just a plain, classic Speedy. If I were to get a plain one it would just be the Monogram 30. My current Mon Monogram is green and white on the exterior with yellow interior, so I was thinking if I were to get another one I'd get more neutral colors that could be worn with more, probably white and ivory.

    Which would you go for? Another Mon Monogram, or a plain classic seeing as all the ones I own have some sort of print?
  2. It sounds like you’re well covered; what gap are you trying to fill?
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  3. Just a more neutral one for those days/outfits I want to be a little more classic with. All my Speedys have some sort of print and while I have other bags that work like a Graceful and Neverfull, sometimes I just want that basic Speedy.
  4. Then i’d go for a basic Speedy, either Mono or DE if you would like a carefree option. :smile:
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  5. question: Can you have too many Speedys?

    Answer: no.
  6. Lol good point, it’s such a classic you really can’t. Okay so I’ll go with the plain... But maybe I’ll switch it up and go with a 35 instead of the 30...
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  7. I gave my mom my mono Speedy 30. I am a 35 kind of lady :smile:
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  8. Answer is NO! Never, of course not!

    I’m thinking you definitely should go for a classic one as you have already a lot of pretty prints. If the speedy works for you, then definitely more than 1 is never enough! Let us know what you end up getting, and a family shot of them too would be great!
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  9. Definitely not. I have 4 speedy and about to get another one in Creme Caramel.
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  10. I think you cannot have too many Speedy's.
  11. Go for a basic Speedy. If you want to dress it up you can add a scarf or bandeau, or even a bag charm.
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  12. No, you cannot have too many speedys. Maybe a speedy 35 bandouliere would suit you. Good for travel and versatile.
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  13. Negative. There's no way of having too many speedy. I have 3. I need my unicorns, watercolor and camo. Why dont you go try empreinte? It is my favorite.
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  14. I went and got the 35 Monogram today!! She’s beautiful and so roomy. I’ll take a family photo when watercolor arrives, she’s coming from the UK to California so it’ll be a bit.

    I did have my eye on an empriente but she’s no longer on the website and I didn’t see her in the store. She was a cream color with brown handles and strap, absolutely gorgeous but a bit out of the budget right now.
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  15. Rarely met a Speedy I could say “no” to!! Hope to see pix of OP’s Watercolor when it arrives!
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