Can you have too many black bags?

  1. I already have 3 other black bags, just wonder if I should get yet another one. I like black solely because of its versatility... How about you? :lol:
  2. There are lots of other colors that are versatile too. I have lots of crazy colored bags
  3. Too many black bags???!!! *gasp* Perish the thought! :smile: (Speaking as someone who handbag and work tote wardrobe is primarily black.)
  4. Im really not a black bag kind of girl. Only because there are so many great colors to choose from. I believe if you go with a color other than black, its kind of fun! Just give it a try :smile:
  5. I am also a bit of a black bag fan...
  6. What other colors are versatile? Excluding the obvious ones such as tan, red, and white?
  7. I've been on a brown bag kick. I actually NEED a black bag.
  8. Well, you want a casual black, a dressy black, a black clutch and most important, a Chanel black!!!!! Then you move on to brown and it continues.........................................
  9. I can't have enough black bags...they're all so different in shape, style, texture etc. (Same with black pants for me!)
  10. I think as long as you have a variety of styles and textures, nothing wrong with sticking to a color that works for you.
  11. Yes- too many of any color is NOT good. It can cause a style rut. Plus I would feel like Im wasting money. Incorporate color and have fun.
  12. N-E-V-E-R....since black is the staple color of my wardrobe.
  13. hehe, i have a few black bags too, but im really getting into this colour thing! thanks b-bags!!! hehehe!
  14. I almost always get my bags in black. It goes with everything I wear and it just seems like a no-fail color. In spring-time, though, I do get the itch for a color or something lighter. I just bought a Charles David in camel because I suddenly "needed" a camel/tan bag. LOL But I always get the bags I really want in black.
  15. I agree!