Can you have too many black bags?

  1. I am in the process of acquiring a new City - in black. This is to complement my black Marc Jacobs tote and my black Chloe Paddington. I also have a brown Coach which I hardly ever use because it is not black. Is this fixation on black a sickness? Do I need an intervention?
  2. An intervention may be needed. Not really. Think of how many different pairs of black shoes you have. They all meet slightly different needs, right? Like a flat vs. a stiletto. It's the same with bags. However, I am trying to move past black and expand the colors in my bag wardrobe as well. Black is just so versatile though!
  3. n.e.v.e.r

    keke :smile: espacially with a black city.. you need it!!!
  4. I used to be an all-black bag sort of girl too, but Balenciaga makes such gorgeous colours that I almost never use my black bags. I used to feel that it wouldn't be possible to have too many but now I'd much rather carry colours! I'm sure I'm in the minority, though - most of the girls on here love their black Bbags. :yes:
  5. NEVER
    :p i have more than 5 big black bags and i would still buy more if i fund the style that i like
  6. Never.
  7. I agree. Never! Black is beautiful!!

    Also on clothes .

    and mascara and nails and shoes and...:smile:

    but sometimes i think i have to buy another colour of a bag, cause i have so many in black.

    But thanks to the forum this will be no longer difficult for me.

    greetz, Irie
  8. We can't have too many black bags!!! black is so classy!!!
  9. Lol, it seems we are the opposite. I have NO black bags. Didn't do it on fact my goal is to add a black bag to my arsenal for 2008. It's just a personal preference...some people like black, some brown and others go for color. If black bags are your thing, by all means get another one!

    Now if all your black bags are the same style and size then we might need an intervention, lol
  10. I have quite a few handbags in different styles and leather so I am done with black bags. I love coloured bags better and find brown especially chocolate to be a better neutral for me. But if black bags are your thing than by all means you can never have too many.
  11. I don't think you can have too many! They go with everything, and I tend to go for them because you don't worry so much about getting them dirty.