Can you have just one Birkin?

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  1. I've always admired the Birkin style but never aspired to it because of one thing. If I did buy one...that one would have to last me the rest of my life!

    Does owning one Birkin and using that Birkin a great deal of the time really have the same cachet as having a more modest 'wardrobe' of purses?

    Does the Birkin upgrade your image on its own or do you have to 'live up to' the style by upgrading everything else to 'go with'?
  2. Silly me thought yes, but after got the first bag i figured i was very way back:nuts:
  3. Definitely not! Its like an addiction. Most other bags can't live up to the birkin for me anymore. Whenever I think of buying something else I think in my head that I'd rather have an Hermes.

    As for upgrading everything, I think most of my things are on par with my bag. I wouldn't buy a birkin if I couldn't afford it or had to forgo other things in order to get one. Its not so much image for me, but an appreciation of quality in all aspects of life.
  4. Yes! I would say but, I have found that as soon as I have one H bag (I have a very modest collection and no Birkin yet) I immediately start plotting, saving and fantasizing about my next H bag. I started off with good intentions, 'I will be happy with just the one perfect bag...' but all H nags are prefection and it's hard to stop at one. I am saving for a Birkin at the moment but I am so tempted to buy another Bolide, a mou one this time. Also, I just know that eventually I will want a Birkin in each size, both have such different looks and character. I don't think you have to upgrade everything else to 'go with it', the opposite often happens, the Birkin will upgrade everything you wear to a higher level, lol. I happily wear my Bolide and Kelly with jeans and cheap clothes from Zara etc but I have to say I hate having no nice wallet for my H bags, I hate pulling out my current cheap wallet, so I'll be on the lookout to upgrade my bag accessories.
  5. A l--o--n--g time ago, I told a friend that I only *need* one. :roflmfao:
  6. ^^^Mrssparkles with one Birkin. That's the funniest thing I've heard all day!:roflmfao:
  7. H bags are like potato chips, you can't have just one. ;)
  8. :nogood:
  9. :greengrin:
  10. As soon as you obtain your first Birkin, you start wanting another. So brace yourself.
  11. True...As one fabulous tfer told me that, Once I get a Birkin, I'm starting to plan the next one.

    My 1st is coming soon and I already know and planning what my next one would be, in terms of color, size and "skin":nuts:

    That's it for me though.
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I thought I could have just one...
  13. At first you just want one, that'll answer your prayers, be it black or neutral. Afterwards one more blue jean, a vert anis, a raisin...... :sweatdrop:
  14. One is not enough.....(Sorry) !
  15. If you are a Kelly girl (like me) , it may be possible to limit oneself to two Birkins and then go nuts with Kellys......