Can you have a bag authenticated in-store?

  1. Can you take a bag into a Coach boutique and have it authenticated then and there? I thought you could but... I took a bag into my local Coach boutique and the manager said she couldn't give me her opinion on whether the bag was real or not. She did admit never seeing this style... An SA told me it looks authentic. The manager told me to take it into Dillard's or Macy's cause the department stores had carried this style. The ladies at Dillard's said it was authentic though they have never seen one IRL and the lady at Macy's had nothing to say. I went back to Coach and asked the manager to look up the style number in the TOT (Tools of the Trade) and the bag came up but it was more like a sketch than an actual picture. She told me I could send it in (for $20) and Coach would investigate it. If it is authentic, I'd receive a letter stating so... If it isn't, Coach will keep the bag and destroy it and I'll have to take a loss (I was an idiot and bought this bag off of eBay-- my FIRST eBay bag purchase... NEVER AGAIN!) She said it would take 7-10 weeks to get it back. She then gave me a second address I could send it to and said it would take 1-3 weeks to get it back but my name would go into a counterfeit database. WTH? I don't want my name in something like that... I asked if that would hurt me in any way as a customer and she said no... Now, I don't know what to do. I feel confident that it is authentic but since I have never seen that style IRL, I'd feel wayyy better if someone FROM Coach said it was authentic. Another thing, the manager at Coach said that style came out in '05, the creed reads '06 and the TOT says '07.

    What a mess!

    What would you do?
  2. Never mind... this has been a horrible mess and I cannot take it anymore. I just messaged the seller and let her know I will be returning this bag to her. Now, I'll just be waiting to hear from her... and I will NEVER buy a bag from eBay again!!
  3. BUT, I'd still like to know if you can have an item authenticated in-store...
  4. I'm sorry your first coach bag has caused your such grief. (((HUGS)))
    When buying on Ebay, you really have to do your research beforehand - research the bag, seller, everything.

    I hope your next Coach experience is way better! :yes:
  5. :sad: Aww - dear, I SO sorry about what a pain this has been!!

    Buying off of eBay is scary.... but I've haven't sworn it off, because I know there are alot of honest people out there! (Like me!) So - like Kansashalo mentioned, I would just do loads of research, ask for as much help as possible - AND if it doesn't feel solid or right PASS, and keep looking for it.... That helps with impulses and gives you time for research. Good luck!
  6. Can you post a picture so we can take another look at the bag you are talking about. I don't remember if you posted pictures before in "authenticate this" and I would love to see what bag you are refering to.
  7. are you talking about that limited ed patchwork one?! cause i'm fairly certain that was just sold overseas (japan, maybe)? so i sincerely doubt anyone from a coach store here would know about it (let alone see one irl).

    i really think you should keep the bag!!!

    (and i think they can do an "informal" authentication...but probably only on more popular styles. and certainly they do nothing in writing).
  8. Yeah... its this one..

    After receiving it and checking it out (comparing it to two other similar patchwork totes) I feel it is authentic but since I have never seen one (this exact style) IRL and my local Coach boutique can't (or maybe they don't want to?) authenticate it in-store, I've decided to return it. I'd LOVE to keep it but for one, even though it has the tag on it, the handles and the top of the front pocket are all scratched up and two, I don't want to go through the hassle of shipping it off to have it authenticated cause I don't want my name in some counterfeit database. How embarrassing! This is definitely my first and LAST Coach-on-Ebay purchase. I have contacted the seller to let her know I will be returning the bag and she has not returned my email. Should I just send it off anyway (with delivery confirmation and insurance, of course.)
  9. sorry to hear you're returning, especially since there are a few of us who are quite confident in its authenticity.

    don't swear off ebay got a good bag- but it's always difficult with limited edition bags.
  10. Okk... now I can def breathe easier!

    I am returning the bag to the seller... not only cause I didn't want to go through the trouble of having it authenticated (and having my name put into some counterfeit database) but also cause there are a lot of scratches on the handles.. blah, blah, blah...

    I just called Coach CS and placed an order for the same bag ($578... my SO thinks I'm crazy) and for the matching wallet ($248). I really really like that bag and because I just purchased it, I don't know if I'll be getting anything new for a few weeks! I'll have to drool over everyone else's pics!!

    So relieved!!:happydance:
  11. I also believe you have yourself a offical coach bag, Not a fake
  12. I believe it is authentic as well but there are scratches on the handles and a small mark on the signature on the back as well... I'd feel better knowing it came directly from Coach so I went ahead and ordered it (and the wallet) and am returning this bag to the seller. She didn't mention the scratches or the mark.

    Thanks everyone!
  13. Those bags are made with the vintage leather which will scratch easily. Even buying brand new with no handlers, it will have scratches. Authenticity? I had no clue. I was watching it but was afraid to bid.
  14. When I called Coach CS to place the order, there were 2 left. I got one. I don't know why I don't feel right about it.. I'm just not satisfied and I won't be buying anything Coach off of Ebay again. The scratches look really bad and that funky leather stitching around the top of the bag (leather trim) is coming apart. The seller should have mentioned that. I messaged her and she hasn't returned my messages...
  15. Sorry you had such a crummy experience. Buying online is tough sometimes... that's why I waited and went in person to pick out my very first Coach. I LOVE it! :smile: